General Terms & Conditions


Valamar is the issuer of gift vouchers for predetermined amounts, which can be used when booking accommodation in Valamar properties on the Valamar website. Gift vouchers have their own unique identification code and are issued in predetermined amounts. The purchase of gift vouchers is made exclusively on the platform via card payment (WS Pay). An R1 invoice for VAT purposes cannot be issued for the purchase of vouchers. After the payment is made, the voucher will be sent in PDF format to the customer via e-mail, together with the payment confirmation. The customer can personalise the appearance of the gift voucher using the tools on the platform. The customer may pass on the gift voucher to a third party.

Gift vouchers may be used exclusively to pay for accommodation via the Valamar website or via the reservation centre in all Valamar facilities. The cost of the reservation must be at least, or more than, the value of the gift voucher. When booking accommodation, only a single voucher code can be used per reservation. The voucher is valid for one year and must be used during that period (a reservation must be made during that period). Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for money.

  • On the website, the user selects the subject of the gift voucher.
  • You can choose from predetermined gift voucher amounts or enter any amount starting from €100.
  • The user then has the option to personalise the voucher: choose a voucher template, enter a personalised voucher text, and insert a picture on the voucher.
  • By clicking the ‘View’ button, the user can preview the gift voucher.
  • After the voucher has been created, the user starts the purchase process by clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button.
  • An overview of the shopping cart and the total amount to be paid is displayed to the user.
  • On clicking ‘Next’, the user is required to enter personal data.
  • After the personal data has been entered, an overview of the order is displayed, and the user is required to accept Valamar’s General Terms and Conditions by checking the mandatory field.
  • After clicking the ‘Payment’ button, the user is directed to the WS Payment Gateway payment.
  • An R1 invoice for VAT purposes cannot be issued for the purchase of vouchers.

When purchasing a gift voucher, customers have the right to unilateral termination within 14 days of the purchase made on the platform.
  • On the link you can find the unilateral contract termination form that you can send to Valamar by e-mail at; you will receive a confirmation of receipt from Valamar immediately.
  • The form can also be sent by post to the address: Valamar Riviera d.d., Poreč, Stancija Kaligari 1. Please write ‘Valamar gift voucher – unilateral termination’ on the envelope.
  • You can also unilaterally terminate the contract without a form, by means of an appropriate and unambiguous statement expressing your intention to terminate the contract. Send the statement by e-mail at The statement must contain your full name, address, phone number or e-mail address, and the code. Valamar will confirm the receipt of such a statement.
You do not have the right to unilateral termination if the gift voucher has already been used. Valamar will cancel the gift voucher immediately upon receipt of unilateral termination and return the paid money to the account from which it was drawn unless otherwise instructed. The purchase of gift vouchers is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the platform, to the extent not otherwise specified in these special terms and conditions.

Your data privacy is our highest priority and concern. Credit card numbers, names, addresses and other data used in credit card payment are transmitted on a secure SSL line with the highest protection.